Tullidge Publishing, LLC incorporated on February 15, 2021 we writes books, sells books, and provides publishing services. Our service offerings are self-publishing a guidance and webinars are offered and full publication consist of book formatting, copyrights, trademark, ISBN assignment, book coaching, book cover design, along with promotional and marketing opportunities.

The Inspiration

In a very dark time of my life after losing my dad, God said in the midst of my grief, “I have use of you”. God said, “I will guide your hand to pen a book for those that will experience grief and, in this book, they receive a daily dose of encouragement while I am healing them within. Then shortly after the release of my self-published book “Daily Dose of Encouragements” he spoke Tullidge Publishing into existence and the new business was launched with the help of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Word Study
I did a word study on what I was hearing and I thought it was tutelage which is the act of guarding, protecting, or guiding; office or function of a guardian; guardianship.instruction; teaching; guidance.
This is exactly what the Holy Spirit was doing for me while grieving healthy at the feet of Jesus. While I was writing Daily Dose of Encouragement he was healing me within. However I was led to go further with Tullidge in the word study.

Tullidge is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Edward Tullidge (1829–1894), American literary critic, newspaper editor, playwright, and historian. John E. Tullidge (1806–1873), American music critic, musician, and hymn writer. I sensed the peace of God and heard this is the name of the publishing company that I am launching through you. You will help others by providing tutelage and their publications will be released through Tullidge Publishing, LLC services.


Our slogan at Tullidge Publishing LLC is “You Can’t Mute Me”! It’s time to stand up for who he has called you to be and speak up for what he has given you to say.

God is continuing to build vessels of honor for His glory!

Self-Published Books

We wrote 3 books in 90 days talking about the FIRE of His Anointing flowing.

  1. Daily Dose of Encouragements Series Letting God Heal You Within
  2. The Way of God More Accurately Series Letting God Heal You Within
  3. Acholi my Lover Part I Series Deeply Rooted

Upcoming Literary Anthologies: Signs, Wonders & Miracles, You Can’t Mute Me and Strengthening Families Values. Note: These books are free materials to victims of crime and survivors through Catapult Outreach Inc. Transformational Living where our mission is to support families of domestic violence abuse and sexual assault by connecting people and resources of education, research and advocacy through a trauma-informed approach. The travailing and birthing release was Acholi my Lover Part II Series Deeply Rooted

Let us assist you with your publication needs!

An Anthology Project: Signs, Wonders, & Miracles


Pre-Order An Anthology Project: Signs, Wonders & Miracles

An Anthology Project of Signs, Wonder & Miracles Volume I is to bring awareness to the world so that they can believe in Jesus Christ. John 4:48 “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe.” Directions: Inform your author via text that you have made a purchase in support their authorship. Sherry T. Cribb