Tullidge Publishing, LLC, was established on February 15, 2021. Our CEO, Sherry T. Cribb, has authored four books since its founding and has been instrumental in helping aspiring authors navigate the self-publishing process. She empowers them to venture into new and unexplored realms, claiming what rightfully belongs to them without hesitation. Sherry is passionate about assisting fellow authors on their self-publishing journey, offering valuable guidance, tools, resources, and an array of other support. Our latest offering self-publishing coaching-level packaging.⁠

The Inspiration

During a period of deep darkness following the loss of my father, I received a divine message from God. He spoke to me amidst my grief, saying, “I have a purpose for you.” It was then that He shared His plan for me to write a book, specifically tailored for those who would go through similar experiences of grief. This book would serve as a daily dose of encouragement, while also facilitating their healing process. Shortly after I self-published my book, titled “Daily Dose of Encouragements,” God brought Tullidge Publishing into existence. With the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, this new venture was launched, allowing me to extend my message of hope and healing to even more individuals.

It’s truly remarkable how the Holy Spirit was directing and healing me on my journey of writing Daily Dose of Encouragements. The name Tullidge holds great significance as it is linked to notable figures in the fields of literature and music, such as Edward Tullidge and John E. Tullidge. This name perfectly embodies the mission of our publishing company, which aims to provide guidance and support to others through tutelage and by publishing their works under Tullidge Publishing, LLC.


Our slogan at Tullidge Publishing LLC is “You Can’t Mute Me”! It’s time to stand up for who he has called you to be and speak up for what he has given you to say.

God is continuing to build vessels of honor for His glory!

Self-Published Books

Fire Anointing Releases

  1. Daily Dose of Encouragements Series Letting God Heal You Within
  2. The Way of God More Accurately Series Letting God Heal You Within
  3. Acholi my Lover Part I Series Deeply Rooted

Introducing the extraordinary literary anthologies: Signs, Wonders & Miracles, which was just released on June 1, 2023. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of You Can’t Mute Me, as well as Strengthening Families Values. These invaluable resources are provided free of charge to victims of crime and survivors through Catapult Outreach Inc, an organization dedicated to supporting families affected by domestic violence abuse and sexual assault. Our mission is to connect individuals and provide them with the necessary education, research, and advocacy resources through a trauma-informed approach. Witness the profound impact of our Acholi my Lover Part II Series Deeply Rooted, a testament to the transformative power of resilience and perseverance.

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An Anthology Project: Signs, Wonders, & Miracles

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