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Dose Up Why?

I asked myself the question why should I get up today. I desire more sleep. But there is a power greater within me. And He spoke so I was dosed with my daily encouragement. Our Lord has use of you every single second of the day. He said arise and awake. Then I became obedient in helping His purpose for today and His plans. There was a need to be dosed and it wasn’t about what I wanted. Someone needed a prayer sent out for air support. A prayer of healing to their soul. Then in return God healed my soul for things that were rooted down in my heart that were producing bad fruits. You see this is the reason to get up someone else life depends on your movement of obedience in Christ Jesus. Then someone needed a helping hand to administer a project. You must get dosed daily with encouragements so that we’ll be fit for the masters use.

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