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What makes a self-publishing author?

A self-publishing author is someone who takes control of the entire publishing process themselves, from writing the manuscript to formatting, designing the cover, and distributing the book. They bypass the traditional publishing route in which manuscripts are selected by publishing houses.

Being a self-publishing author is not specifically tied to journaling or having a story that needs to be turned into a movie. It is a choice made by individuals who want to have creative control over their work and retain ownership of their intellectual property.

While some self-published authors may feel a sense of divine inspiration or a calling to share their ideas and perspectives.

The concept of a “scribe anointing” is rooted in biblical references to individuals who were chosen by God to record and transmit important religious or historical texts. In the Bible, scribes were often seen as custodians of knowledge and played a crucial role in preserving and interpreting written scriptures.

In the Old Testament, scribes such as Moses were believed to have been anointed by God to write down the laws and commandments. They were entrusted with the task of accurately transmitting and preserving God’s word for future generations.

The term “scribe anointing” is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, but it is used in some Christian circles to describe a perceived gifting or calling to write in a way that imparts spiritual wisdom and understanding. It suggests a divine inspiration or guidance in the act of writing, indicating a special connection to God and His message. It is a matter of personal faith and conviction.

Whether or not an individual possesses a “scribe anointing” ultimately depends on their relationship with God, their understanding of His will, and how they seek to use their writing to communicate His truths or their own interpretation of spiritual concepts.

It is important for those who claim to have a “scribe anointing” to approach their writing with humility, careful study, and respect for the integrity of the scriptures. This ensures that their work is grounded in sound doctrine and respectful of the sacred texts they draw inspiration from.

In conclusion, the concept of a “scribe anointing” refers to a perceived calling or gifting from God to write in a way that imparts spiritual wisdom and understanding. It is inspired by biblical examples of scribes who were anointed by God to record and transmit important religious texts.

Ultimately, being a self-publishing author is about independence, entrepreneurial spirit, and the willingness to take on multiple roles to bring a book to the readers. It requires a passion for writing and a commitment to learning about the publishing process, marketing strategies, and connecting with readers.

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