Climb Overcomer

Mountain Scaler you will climb and over the top of the high steep object whether it’s a mountain or a wall. What is your mountain? What is your wall? It’s […]

Dosing Balance

When I awake the first few thoughts are always cluttered. So I began asking God to help me be who He says I am. Then I got up to apply […]

Dose Up Why?

I asked myself the question why should I get up today. I desire more sleep. But there is a power greater within me. And He spoke so I was dosed […]


When you first awake what are your first thoughts? I need doses of encouragement daily because before I even get out of the bed my mind is turning. The turning […]

Acholi my Lover

Acholi my Lover, is a suspense book where the story is ever unveiling a lover that brings about many feelings. Each page will lead into a deeper and deeper rooted […]

The Way of God More Accurately

Way of God More Accurately is the way of Jesus Christ. We are to live the life Christ died for in a more accurate way. God knew before beginning of […]

Daily Dose of Encouragements

Daily Dose of Encouragements

Daily Dose of Encouragements, the debut book by Sherry T. Cribb, seeks to be a resource to redirect others to the ultimate source of Christ. Daily Dose of Encouragements will […]