Advertising and Marketing

At Tullidge believe in promoting products that going to impact and influence other lives to be better. We have a passion for promoting, advertising, and marketing for others making a significant impact on those who we serve.

In order to create your flyer, all I need is your logo, text, flyer dimensions, and the pictures you would like to include. I can also choose photos from stock photography for you. Simply send all the information to my email at: You will be directed to PayPal to pay your invoice.
Social Media Flyers $50
We will create your logo design for your business or project.

You will be directed to a PayPal invoice please submit your thoughts and design via email at

Logo Design $75

We will create a beautifully designed website. You’ll just answer a few questions and you’ll get a fully designed site with content and images built in. We will email a design theme and choose a custom color palette that fits the look you’re going for. We can upload your images and content to match your brand.

If you are interested there will be a consultation fee of $50.00 which will be deducted from the $150 service fee. During the consultation, we will provide a Web Design shell based on an email questionnaire. You will be set up on a hosting platform where you can get continuous support and $180 to $300 for an annual hosting subscription.

Website Domain & Design $150