What do you publish?

We publish all genre of books

How much profit will I receive?

Your profit depends on how many books you sell. The sky is the limit with great marketing tools.

Will you handle the full process?

We customize your package based on what you choose review our process tab.

Is the publishing company international?

We are not an international company however some of the retailers we publish to are international.

Do you have a brick and mortal or just online presence?

Our company is an online presence but we can meet in person if needed.

Can I have my book published on here and others?

Absolutely we can publish your book to our website as a featured author. And other sites as well.

Will I receive paperback copies?

Yes you will choose which package you want or place your order on your own to receive you books shipped directly to your address.

What is the next steps?

The next steps if you are ready to get your book published!

How long is the process?

Each publishing is handled differently we can discussed in detail during our consultation.

What will be my cost to publish my book?

Review our process tab for pricing.

Are you ready to publish your book?(required)