Authors’ Showcase

Joyce Ann Crosby was born November 7, 1974, to Sammie James Crosby and Betty Ann Crosby. I grew up in the church and always knew God has a call on my life. I went through many trials and tribulations before I knew exactly what that call was, but day by day it became clear what God wanted to do. He wanted to spread his good news and reach as many people for his Kingdom as possible.

Since accepting God’s mandate as a pastor I’ve seen his hand move like never before for my family and I. He has allowed me to open God’s Purpose Preschool. Royal Blood Outreach is a nonprofit organization serving the less fortunate community.  Deal to Heal my t-shirt printing retail business. It was the vision God gave to me to help further get his message across and touch new generations! I will continue to put absolute faith in God and let him direct my path.

Joyce Crosby is a brand new author. While reading her book it will definitely get you thinking of how to break free. Chapter after chapter, the story unfolds chords of abuse that many will never share in a public way. She has pulled the band-aid off and pinned this book so others can know they are not by themselves. You don’t have to remain in relationships that are abusive and harmful break out and get free.

When God Steps In

This book is to inspire you to trust God no matter where you find yourself in life. God will step in and turn things around for you just like he did for me. This book “When God Steps In” I will share real testimonies concerning my life. Someone may be saying I don’t know God I want to encourage you when you are chosen God hand is upon your life. All you need to do is start acknowledging him for sparing your life up unto this point. If it had not been for the Lord on your side the devil would have already taken you out. So, rejoice because he has kept you through it all. When we know better, we will do better.