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Acholi my Lover: Deeply Rooted Part 2


New Cover Reveal Day!

My Lover Part 2: Deeply Rooted is a passionate, heart-stopping novel that will grip your heart and make you wonder how anyone could survive these ordeals. Those who knew Cheryl at the beginning of the first book in this series Acholi My Lover Part 1: Deeply Rooted, are in for some big surprises. By the time they finish reading Acholi My Lover Part 2: Deeply Rooted they’ll know what makes her resilient. They’ll learn about her life before she met the man with whom she fell deeply in love and then swiftly become his captive. And those who just discovered her in Acholi My Lover Part 2: Deeply Rooted, will be totally mesmerized by her tenacity to overcome, as well as by her subsequent quest for freedom from an abusive relationship. In this second book Cheryl travels within the depth of her soul grappling with demons of self doubt and fear as she struggles to find peace. But though the road is tough, she moves forward to “win” without believing victory is possible because despite being controlled and battered, she recalls that love conquers all fears. Intake the Son of God’s Love ~ Tullidge Publishing

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