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Level 3 Self-Publishing Package


Tullidge Level 3 Self-Publishing Package has a $100 hourly rate for 7 Meetings (online or in person).

The package consist of your self-publishing coach walking you through the self-publishing steps to publish your book. You will receive a zoom meeting invite upon scheduling your consult.

In this level package it will take at least 7 meetings to accomplish the self-publishing process. If there is a need for additional meeting they can be adding on at a discounted hourly rate of $50.

We can discuss details during our free discovery consult to determine your needs.

This tends to be more in depth complex for self-publishing authors coaching sessions. The complexity is based on what is the author’s coaching needs like cognitive writing strategies, adept to technology, and readiness.

Book Consult To Discuss:

Disclaimer: Tullidge Publishing does not provide the following services: Copy Editing and Proofreading, Book Formatting, Cover and Interior Customization. We don’t handle the self-publishing author’s manuscript unless we have a signed contract and copyright ownership. WE DON’T GHOSTWRITE! 



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