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Are you ready to publish your book? Then you need a Coach!

With self-publishing, writers can avoid the manuscript and rejection process. This is a top benefit since it can take years to find a publisher and in most cases–never!

Another great advantage of self-publishing over traditional publishing is complete creative control. With our conventional publisher packages, we dictate many changes and corrections that may veer from your primary message and inspiration. This is not the case because you can control your manuscript as a self-publishing author. 

Finally, the most significant advantage is that authors retain 100% of their rights and royalties!

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Self-Publisher Coach Discovery

Why should you even consider a self-publishing coach?

It can be terrifying for writers but they become very courageous with a coach! So what, if I don’t have a background in business? So what, if you’re self-publishing for the first time and have no idea what you’ll be doing? Don’t miss the opportunity to write out or type out! You will save time with a coach and money. Our coach will remove the barriers.

As an author it’s vitally important to understand what’s involved in the process of self-publishing. Have a well thought out plan for drafting, revising, editing, approval rounds, cover artists, formatting, and a book launch etc. A ton of things to manage almost can seem like a mountain of impossibilities to sort and schedule. The big thing will be having a scheduled book’s projected release so marketing can be going leading up to book launch date.

Coaching will assist with this planning timeline. Our coach will walk you through what to expect in each stage of the process and assist with the publication schedule. You will be on track and organize and actual self-publisher your book.

A self-publishing coach can help you map out how long it should take you to draft, what to expect from each stage of the process, and ultimately plan out your publication schedule. This will keep you on track and organized, and it’ll immensely help your chances of actually finishing the thing.

Our coach will provide an outline that is super helpful and a lifesaver for finishing your book.

Assist with marketing and sales It can be tricky for writers that have no sales background our coach will provide the tools and additional services to ensure your marketing is skyrocketing.