Wealth Without Error

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Wealth Without Error emerged from personal experiences of financial mistakes. Our consciousness expands as we enter this world, but our thinking remains limited by earthly knowledge alone. The educational system often neglects teaching a biblical perspective, instead focusing on worldly success. We progress through various stages of education, secure well-paying jobs, start families, build homes, and pursue the American dream. Yet, despite acquiring possessions, accomplishments, and relationships, we still feel empty and unfulfilled at the core of our being. Why?

There can be multiple reasons why we may feel empty and unfulfilled despite having possessions, accomplishments, and relationships. One reason could be that our societal emphasis on materialistic success and external validation may not align with our true values and desires. We may have neglected our inner growth and spiritual well-being while chasing external achievements. Additionally, our consumer-driven culture often promotes the idea that happiness can be found in acquiring more possessions, which can lead to a never-ending search for satisfaction. It is important to reflect on our own values, purpose, and what truly brings us joy and fulfillment in order to find a deeper sense of meaning in life.

We need a Savior who is the lover of our souls. We need His transformation power. We need an abundance of His love. We need to live our lives on purpose according to His will. We need to become fully engaged and active in who God created us to be. God has a wealth that doesn’t compare to what we can attain in minor earthly pursuits. We must put on the mind of Christ to understand the spiritual insight and spiritual principles to apply to our way of living. In these pages, you will get Jesus’ practical way that gives us access to everything God has given us already. He already said for us to subdue and have dominion on the earth. Psalm 66:12 says Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place. You shall live in the wealthy place of abundance for the kingdom’s sake.