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Wealth Without Error


“Wealth Without Error” emerged from a life entangled in financial missteps. Our journey through existence commences with boundless potential, yet our intellectual horizons are often confined by the confines of conventional knowledge. The educational system, though informative, often overlooks the spiritual and biblical perspective, instead focusing on worldly success. Progressing from grade school to secondary education and college, we secure lucrative occupations, establish households, and raise children, all in pursuit of the American ideal. However, these achievements often lead to a sense of emptiness, isolation, and a yearning that material possessions, locations, and relationships cannot appease.

A yearning for a Savior, a guardian of our spirits, becomes paramount. His transformative prowess is indispensable, as is an overflowing affection from Him. Our lives must follow His divine plan, infused with purpose and guided by His intent. Genuine fulfillment requires an active embrace of our innate identities, shaped by God’s design. In God’s repository, a wealth of unparalleled magnitude awaits, far surpassing the ephemeral pleasures of mundane pursuits. To unlock these treasures, one must adopt the perspective of Christ, comprehending spiritual insights and principles that govern our existence.

Within these pages, you will find the practical teachings of Jesus, providing access to the bounties bestowed by God. His decree to establish dominion and mastery over the earth resonates through the ages. As Psalms 66:12 conveys, we traverse trials and tribulations, emerging into a realm of prosperity. By embracing the essence of the Kingdom, you shall dwell in the realm of abundance, illuminating life’s purpose.

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